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by drewkari on March 4, 2010

Dental Hygiene Month!

photo 225x300 Teeth cleaningWow! I am just overwhelmed with solicitations via postcards in the mail, emails and phones calls from previous Vet for Carson to come in and get a  professional teeth cleaning.

 Carson began having a lot of tarter build up and our  new Vet, Dr. Covino was concerned.  He recommended we try some over the counter alternatives to professional cleaning, however, most of the alternatives were chemical based.  We opted to try all natural alternatives.

Professional cleaning is hazaradous to your dog.  It usually requires being put under anesthesia and the cleaning actually pits the teeth which allows bacteria and placque to grow more quickly after the cleaning.  Once the teeth are professionally cleaned it will be vital that you continue to have the cleaning every 6 months to a year according to Dr. Covino. Mike & I opted to try the alternatives.  

First we tried Breath-Less Plaque-Zapper made by Ark Naturals here in Naples, FL. This is an all natural crystal that is added to the drinking water.  We have good results with this product and continue to use it a couple days a week, especially after Carson has been digging in the dirt or eating some of his favorite yard treats.

I also use another natural product by Wysong, Denta Treat.  This is a milk powder and is sprinkled on the food.  It works ok, but we did have some bowel issues in the beginning so my advice is to use very little amounts to begin with (1/8 teaspoon or less).

We got the very best results by giving Carson raw bones with bone marrow. The bones are  natural product to use for sparkling white teeth. Our Bernese Mountain Dog just love them. Simply amazing results instantly.

You can purchase them at some of the specialty pet stores as raw frozen beef or buffalo bones apprx. 2 for $7.00.  My preference is to go to the grocery, Publix, and ask the meat department for the bones.  I get a 9" bone fresh not frozen cut just for Carson and the cost is much cheaper $2.00 each.

What kind of alternative dental treatments have you tried?

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